New method for statistical roll pass design

1 Introduction

We offer roll pass design (RPD) solutions based on knowledge extraction (data mining) from company’s data and databases in public domain. Our team has developed a method that significantly improves key factors that affect development, operations and maintenance in hot rolling mills.

2 Benefits

This method allows for improvements in hot steel rolling process efficiency, resource consumption, product quality and ecological sustainability.

Rolls can be configured at the same costs to produce grooves of quite differing geometries with significant economic consequences for both maintenance and operations. Introducing sophisticated roll pass design allows for

  • progressive optimization of roll pass design by means of detecting the weak points, the elimination of which will optimise the observed rolling system
  • modification of the breakdown passes to enhance roll bite by increasing drafts and rolling velocity (recently we collected additional supporting evidence by rolling hot steel samples at 1000 oC using an experimental rolling mill)
  • RPD data mining and optimisation of pass sequences (ranging from break-down passes and grooves to schedules for rolling structural and universal sections)
  • improving the key performance indicators and techniques used to evaluate and control the rolling process performance

3 Our services

We can apply this method to the customer company’s technical data, or we can provide training for the company’s engineers with the new RPD method. Once RPD engineers learn the relevant principles, they can perform the complete analysis themselves. We also offer our further expert consulting help on a need basis.

We manage the secure engagement of external software development providers in the cases when statistical analyse are required by complex industrial systems.

Our team

Our team consists of experienced consultants with over 30 years of experience that combines work in industry, academia and research:

i More information

  • Read more about the new method for roll pass design (download the flyer )

Case study

  • The case study illustrates several analytical steps involved in statistical roll pass design.
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